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Researchers in classroom at Oxford's Deparment of Engineering Science

Seminar Series

AIMS Seminar Series

All seminars will take place on Friday's from 12noon - 1:00 pm unless otherwise stated. 

Hilary Term 2024

Week 1 - Friday 19th January


Week 2 Friday 26th January

Professor Giuseppe De Giacomo (Department of Computer Science)

Week 3 - Friday 2nd February


Week 4 - Friday 9th February

Dr Daniele De Martini (Oxford Robotics Institute)

Week 5 - Friday 9th February

No seminar

Week 6 - Friday 9th February

No seminar

Week 7 - Friday 1st March


Week 8 - Friday 8th March

Ben Lambert (Schmidt AI in Science Academic Director)

Michaelmas Term 2023

Week 1 - Friday 13th October

Professor Moritz Kraemer (Department of Biology)

Week 2 - Friday 20th October

Professor Tingting Zhu (Department of Engineering Science)

Machine Learning Models for Healthcare: Advancements and Applications

Week 3 - Friday 27th October

Ankur Handa (Nvidia Research)

Week 4 - Friday 3rd November

Dr Mattie Fellows (Department of Computer Science)

Week 5 - Friday 10th November

Dr Oiwi Parker Jones (Department of Engineering Science)

Week 6 - Friday 17th November

Dr Mengyan Zhang (Department of Computer Science)

Week 7 - Friday 24th November

Prof. Alessandro Abate (Department of Computer Science)

Week 8 - Friday 1st December

Christian Schroeder de Witt (Department of Computer Science)

"Multi-Agent Security: The Foundation of Cooperation"

Hilary Term 2023

Week 1 - Friday 20th January

Cyril Stachniss - (University of Bonn, Robotics Lab) - "LiDAR-Based Perception in Urban Environments"

Week 2 - Friday 27th January

Amir Patel - (University of Cape Town) - "Studying cheetahs to build the next generation of robots" @11:00am

Week 3 - Friday 3rd February

Minqi Jiang - (UCL & Meta AI) - "An Introduction to Unsupervised Environment Design"

Week 4 - Friday 10th February

Prof. Yuki Asano - (University of Amsterdam)

Week 5 - Friday 17th February

Adel Bibi - (Torr Group)

Week 6 - Friday 24th February

No Seminar

Week 7 - Friday 3rd March

Puneet Dokania - (Torr Group)

Week 8 - Friday 10th March

Prof. Nobuko Yoshida (Strachey Chair, Dept. of Computer Science)

Week 9 -Friday 17th March

Prof. Jakob Foerster (Department of Engineering Science)

Michaelmas Term 2022

Week 1 - Friday 14th October

Brian Mullins (CEO Mind Foundry) - 10 Lessons I learned from AI about spinning out deep-tech, raising venture capital, and scaling teams.

Week 2 - Friday 21st October

Alison Lowndes (Nvidia) - "Taking tech off Earth" Remotely

Week 3 - Friday 28th October

Dr Ilija Bogunovic – (UCL) - "Robus Design Discovery and Explanation in Bayesian Optimization"

Week 4 - Friday 4th November

Pia Dreiseitel (Continental) - "Vision Zero AI for Assistance Systems and Driverless Mobility with Zero Accidents"

Week 5 - Friday 11th November

Noam Brown (FAIR) - ReBeL: Combining Deep Reinforcement Learning and Search for Imperfect-Information Games

Week 6 - Friday 18th November

Dr Elizaveta Semenova (Dept. of Computer Science) - Deep Generative Modelling Aiding Spatial Statistics

Week 7 - Friday 25th November

Aldo Pacchiano (Microsoft Research NYC) - "On the Statistical Complexity of Batch Learning with Function Approximation: Theory and Algorithms". (remotely)

Week 8 - Friday 2nd December

Prof. Alex Rogers (Dept. of Computer Science) - "The Internet of Wild Things"

Hilary Term 2022

Week 1 - Friday 21st January

Fotios Logothetis (Toshiba) - Retrieving 3D geometry from light reflection; from classical photometric stereo to deep learning based approaches

Week 2 - Friday 28th January

Prof. Jakob Foerster (Dept. of Engineering Science) - Zero-shot Coordination and Off-belief Learning

Week 3 - Friday 4th February

Ciprian Antaloae (Hyundai) - Application of time series predictions for driving at the Nurburging - current results & challenges

Week 4 - Friday 11th Februry

Prof. Seth Flexman (Dept. of Computer Science) - Unrepresentative Big Surveys Significantly Overestimate US Vaccine Uptake

Week 5 -Friday 18th February

Soumen Chatterjee (Amazon Web Services) - Human 3.0 to Peter 2.0: Right to Thrive with AUgmented Intelligence

Week 6 - Friday 25th February - No Seminar

Week 7 - Friday 4th March @4pm

Giovanni Marchisio (Planet Fellow and VP of Analytics) - A New Benchmark Dataset for High Cadence Modeling of Land Cover Dynamics

Week 8 - Friday 11th March @2pm

Dr. MIchele Faragalli (Chief Technology Officer, Mission Control Space Services Inc) - Challenges of using AI on-board spacecraft & space robots

Michaelmas Term 2021

Week 1 - Friday 15th October

Davide Zilli (Mind Foundry) - Academic ML to Commercial AI: what do people want?

Week 2 - Friday 22nd October

Dr Michael Schaub (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) - Signal Processing on Graphs and Simplicial Complexes

Week 3 - Friday 29th October

David Petit (Deimos Space) - Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence: how AI is impacting the sector

Week 4 - Friday 5th November

Borja de Balle Pigem (DeepMind) - Reconstructing training data from ML models: attacks and mitigations"

Week 5 - Friday 12th November

Professor Nick Hawes (ORI) - Mission Planning with Uncertain Models

Week 6 - Friday 19th November

Orhan Firat (Google Brain) - "Adventures in Large-Scale Multitask Learning for Text in the Wild"

Week 7 - Friday 26th November

Professor Alessandro Abate (Department of Computer Science) - "Certified learning, or learning for verification?"

Week 8 - Friday 3rd December

Ankush Gupta (DeepMind/AIMS Alumni) - Self-supervised Representation for Perception and Control

Hilary Term 2021

Week 1 - Friday 22nd January

Professor Alessandro Abate (Department of Computer Science) - Automated and sound verification and control of dynamical models — learning meets logic 

Week 2- Friday 29th January

Sergey Tulyakov (Lead Research Scientist at Snap Inc.) - Representations for Content Creation, Manipulation and Animation

Week 3 - Friday 5th February

Professor Noa Zilberman (Department of Engineering Science) - Do Switches Dream of Machine Learning?

Week 4 - Friday 12th February

Professor Gilles Louppe (University of Liege (Belgium)) - The frontier of simulation-based inference

Week 5 - Friday 19th February

Michael Bronstein – (Imperial/Twitter) - Geometric Deep Learning: the Erlangen Programme of ML

Week 6 - Friday 26th February

Alison Lowndes - (Nvidia) - Omniverse (and ISAAC): the unifying simulation platform.

Week 7 - Friday 5th March

Dr Alhussein Fawzi – (DeepMind) - Robustness and geometry of deep networks

Week 8 - Friday 12th March

Professor Angela Schoellig (University of Toronto) - POSTPONED

Michaelmas Term 2020

Week 1 - Friday 16th October

Peter Ondruska (Head of Research @ Lyft Level 5) - New Frontiers of Self-Driving

Week 2 - Friday 23rd October

Maurice Fallon (Oxford Robotics Institute) - Real-time 3D Navigation and Perception for Dynamic Mobile Robots

Week 3 - Friday 30th October

Krishnamurthy (Dj) Dvijotham (DeepMind Research Scientist) - Generalized black-box verification via randomized smoothing

Week 4 - Friday 6th November

Alberto Rizzoli – (V7 labs) - Computer Vision in Industry - Turning academic work into impact

Week 5 - Friday 13th November

Stefano Albrecht – (University of Edinburgh) - Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Agent Systems

Week 6 - Friday 20th November

Reuben Binns (Computer Science) - Human judgements in AI loops

Week 7 - Friday 27th November

Federico Passarin (AirBus) - Spacecraft attitude control: challenges and the role of machine learning 

Week 8 - Friday 4th December

Christian Rupprecht (VGG) - Visual Learning with Reduced Supervision

Hilary Term 2020

Week 1 - Friday 24th January

Professor Alessandro Abate (Department of Computer Science) - "Automated, Sound and Scalable Analysis and Control of Dynamical Models with SAT and SMT"

Week 2 - Friday 31st January

Coorous Mohtadi (Mathworks) - "Are you Ready for AI? Is AI Ready for you?"

Week 3 - Friday 7th February

Professor Ingmar Posner (Oxford Robotics Institute) - "Robots Thinking Fast and Slow"

Week 4 - Friday 14th February

Robert Birke (ABB) - "Towards Industrial Autonomy"

Week 5 - Friday 21st February

Jeffrey Hawke and Corina Gurau (Wayve) - "Learned Urban Driving"

Week 6 - Friday 28th February

Pia Dreiseitel (Continental) - With Computer Vision to Vision Zero - A World Without Traffic Accidents"

Week 7 - Friday 6th March

Steve Spittle & Tom Jones (Satellite Catapult) - Driving Innovation with Geospatial Information

Week 8 - Friday 13th March

Professor Nick Hawes – (Oxford Robotics Institute) - "Mission Planning under Uncertainty for Autonomous Robots"

Week 9 - Friday 20th March - CANCELLED

Alison Lowndes (Nvidia) - "Fuelling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming"

Michaelmas Term 2019

Week 1 - Friday 18th October

Professor Yarin Gal – Head of the Oxford Applied and Theoretical Machine Learning (OATML) Research Group, Department of Computer Science - "Bayesian deep learning. In space"

Week 2 - Friday 25th October (Host Xiowen Dong)

Professor Mike Rabbat (Facebook AI Research in Montreal) - "Gossip Algorithms for Distributed Learning"

Week 3 - Friday 1st November

Professor Pawan Mudigonda – Optimisation for Vision & Learning Group (OVAL) – Department of Engineering Science - "Optimization for Robust Deep Laarning"

Week 4 - Friday 8th November (Host Varun Kanade)

Alex Davies (Google) - "AlphaZero - A case study"

Week 5 - Friday 15th November – 11:00 – 12:00 NOTE TIME (Host Shimon Whiteson)

Hado van Hasselt (Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google DeepMind) - "Overconfidence in Model-based and Model-free Reinforcement Learning"

Week 6 - Friday 22nd November (Host Carissa Veilz)

Gemma Galdon Clavell (Eticas Research & Consulting) - Ethics on the Ground. "How Eticas Audits the Algorithmic Society"

Week 7 - Friday 29th November

No seminar

Week 9 - Monday 9th December (LR2) (Host Andrew Zisserman)

Professor Alyosha Efros (University of Berkeley, California)