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David Petit Seminar

AIMS Seminar - Friday 29th October 2021 - David Petit (Deimos Space)

Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence: how AI is impacting the sector

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the Earth Observation sector in the past 5 years, changing the business, the skills and the way applications are developed. Performances have been improved helping to detect objects (cars, buildings, roads, ships, trees…), human activities, environmental threats (…), but the lack of accurately labelled data to train and validate models is pushing towards revisited old machine learning approaches, like unsupervised learning, active learning…

Bio: David Petit has a PhD in Computer Sciences, applied to radar imagery with more than 20 years of experience in R&D and space sector working with UK, French and European space agencies and other organisations around the world. He leads the Earth Observation Applications team in Deimos, promoting the use of Artificial Intelligence through applications in agriculture, forestry, environment, marine, maritime, urban mapping and land classification.