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AIMS Seminar - Friday 27th November

Spacecraft attitude control: challenges and the role of machine learning

Abstract: The seminar will start with an introduction on the work performed by the AOCS/GNC & Flight Dynamics team at Airbus Defence and Space in the UK who are involved in many activities such as satellite Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) design, interplanetary mission analysis and rover Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) development. The main building blocks of the attitude control system for satellites will be presented and the most critical challenges that need to be addressed will be discussed, with a focus on the possible role of machine learning for future developments in the field.

Speaker’s bio: After achieving his Master’s degree in Automation and Control Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Federico Passarin joined the AOCS/GNC & Flight Dynamics department of Airbus Defence and Space (Space Systems division) in Stevenage, UK. Since then he has been involved as an AOCS analyst in large spacecraft projects and in R&D studies focused on advanced control techniques and machine learning applied to spacecraft guidance, navigation and control. His interest in machine learning is directed mainly towards Reinforcement Learning, verification and validation of neural networks and the interaction between the trained models and the uncertain environment.