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AIMS Seminar - Friday 31st January 2020 @ 12noon in LR7

Are you Ready for AI? Is AI Ready for you?

Abstract: AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is powering a massive shift in the roles that computers play in our personal and professional lives. Most technical organizations expect to gain or strengthen their competitive advantage through the use of AI.  But are you in a position to fulfill that expectation, to transform your research with AI?

We look at the some of the techniques that compose AI (deep learning, computer vision, robotics, and more), enabling you to identify opportunities to leverage it in your work. You will also learn how MATLAB® and Simulink® are giving engineers and scientists AI capabilities that were previously available only to highly-specialized software developers and data scientists.

Biography. Coorous Mohtadi is a senior member of the MathWorks technical specialist team supporting universities focusing on the application of MATLAB and Simulink in laboratories and curriculum development.  He has been supporting design and development in industry and universities for the last 7 years at MathWorks.