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AIMS Seminar - 8th November 2019

AlphaZSero - A case study

Abstract: AlphaGo made history in 2016 with it's defeat of 18-time world go champion Lee Sudol. It's successor, AlphaZero, was able to surpass AlphaGo with substantially fewer training resources and no human demonstrations or domain knowledge. This seminar will be a case study of AlphaZero through the lens of online learning and multi-armed bandits.

Bio: Alex Davies received his PhD in machine learning from Trinity College, Cambridge under Zoubin Ghahramani and is currently a project lead on the Sciences team at Deepmind. Previously he has built ML systems at Google, generated lyrics for a west-end musical and appeared on the BBC as an "emoticon expert".

12:00 noon Lecture Room 7, Information Engineering Building