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AIMS Seminar - Friday 16th October 2020

New Frontiers of Self-Driving

Abstract: Self-driving is one of the most powerful applications of AI that is still waiting to be solved.  In this talk, we summarise the progress of the field over the past few years and challenges we still need to solve to make self-driving a reality. In particular, the need for new machine learning planning systems and large-scale datasets needed to train them.

Bio: At Lyft Level 5, Peter leads a machine learning team focused on novel approaches to perception, prediction, planning, and simulation. Previously, he co-founded and led Blue Vision Labs, which developed city-scale crowd-sourced SLAM for use in augmented reality and robotics that was acquired by Lyft in 2018. Peter has a PhD in Robotics from Oxford Robotics Institute and has dozens of patents and publications in the field of machine learning, computer vision and its applications to robotics.