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Cohort 2014


Samuel Albanie

I did my undergrad in mathematics at Oxford, before doing a Masters in computer science Trinity College, Dublin. I'm interested in AI, particularly computer vision and learning.


Oliver Bartlett

After growing up in New Zealand, Syria and London, my family moved near Banbury in 2004. I did my undergraduate Engineering Science at New College, culminating in my 4th Year Project where I investigated trends in the Afghanistan War using Log-Gaussian Cox Processes. Outside of Engineering I enjoy Windsurfing, Aussie Rules Football, Hockey and Skiing. I look forward to continuing my studies at Worcester College.


Siddartha Ghoshal

I’m British-Indian and grew up in Fontainebleau, a lovely small town on the outskirts of Paris. Halfway through my schooling I moved to the UK, and have spent most of the past 2 decades based in London. Following an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Imperial College, I began work in debt capital markets at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in 2002. I subsequently took a year out from investment banking to complete an MSc in Finance and Economics at the LSE to expand my personal knowledge. This opened new and vastly more exciting doors in my sector, so I plunged back in as a trader in commodity exotic derivatives at Deutsche Bank, where I spent much of my twenties. I completed the MSc in Computer Science at Oxford in September 2012 and have ever since been keenly interested in the application of machine learning techniques to pattern recognition in complex datasets.


Ankush Gupta

I am from India but was in the US for my undergraduate work in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. I am interested in computer vision, robotics and machine learning methods. Recently, I have worked on learning robotic manipulation from human demonstrations, specifically, learning surgical suturing. I have also worked on 6DOF tracking system for large-scale demonstration collection. My time at Oxford is being funded by the generous Clarendon Fund and Balliol College Eddie Dinshaw Scholarship.


Jack Hunt

I originate from Kent in southeastern England and conducted my BSc in Computer Science at Goldsmiths College, University of London. During my study for my Batchelor's degree I developed an interest in Machine Learning and Adaptive Systems. This interest has lead to my participation in the CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems. In particular, I am interested in applications of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Agent Systems to Robotics.


Stefan Saftescu

I am from Romania and moved to the UK to start university. I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Surrey in 2012 and my Master from University of Oxford in 2013. Having spent a year as Software Engineer in a London-based "big data" start-up, I am now eager to move into Engineering Science through the CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems.


Hillary Shakespeare

I’m from London where I studied Physics (MSci) at Imperial College. I then took a year out to make a micro-budget movie (a long standing hobby) before coming to Oxford for an MSc in Computer Science. Within the MSc I was most interested in Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning and am excited to expand on these and related areas in the CDT.


James Thewlis

I was born in Wales but grew up near Alicante in Spain. I studied MEng Computing at Imperial College London. After graduating I spent some time travelling across North America before starting work at Mirriad, collaborating with Oxford on a TSB funded project using deep learning for video analysis. I am interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, especially object recognition and scene understanding.


Stefan Webb

I graduated from the Australian National University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Statistics and Economics with First Class Honours in Statistics, topping my cohort. I received the first and second year economic prizes and was also a recipient of the Statistical Society of Australia’s Young Statisticians Award. My research interests lie in the intersection of Bayesian statistics and deep learning, and I am working on extending inference in probabilistic programming language. Our goal is to make large scale Bayesian modelling accessible to non-experts. Outside of work, my main activity is choir, and I also enjoy photography (follow me on Instagram!) and learning Latin and Sanskrit. Some time in the future I would like start a company to transform the world of education with artificial intelligence and technology.