Team ORIon, the ORI RoboCup team

Currently, team ORIon is gearing up for the World Robot Summit (WRS), taking place in Tokyo. There, we will be participating in the Service Robotics category and competing in the Partner Robot Challenge. The challenge comprises of 3 tasks; receiving voice commands from a human and fetching items from different rooms of the arena; tidying up a room according to a item-plan, and asking for human input about items that are not part of the plan; and last a free form 10′ research demonstration. For WRS, We are building on the strengths of the STRANDS project codebase on long-term autonomy and combining these with current ROS-stack grasping and manipulation packages. WRS is the  first competition we are participating in, and is a step towards building up our tool-set for next year’s robocup@home competition in Sydney.

Further information can be found here