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Cohort 2016


Triantafyllos Afouras

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I obtained a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University. During my studies there, I participated in the Pandora robotics team as a software architect. I have also worked and studied in Zürich and Madrid. I am interested in machine learning, particularly the use of deep and reinforcement learning for the development of autonomous agents. I am enthusiastic about traveling and enjoy swimming, football and cinema.


Oliver Bent

Graduated MEng Engineering Science from the University of Oxford 2013. The last 3 years I have been working with IBM Research Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. Developing applied technology solutions in the domains of Education and Healthcare. I look forward to furthering my academic interest in machine intelligence, towards tackling new challenges with technology.


Fabian Fuchs

I am from Erlangen, Germany (close to Nuremberg and two hours north of Munich). I studied physics at the Universities of Erlangen, Heidelberg, and Imperial College London. Alongside my studies, I gained experience in consulting, co-founded a startup and did some awesome sports climbing. In physics, I have enjoyed computational work the most, specifically developing and implementing complex algorithms. In my twelve-month M.Sc. project (in Germany the M.Sc. lasts for two years), I simulated virus self-assembly in hydrodynamic flow. Fascinated by recent developments in artificial intelligence and by the possibilities which have opened up, I am thrilled to join the AIMS CDT in October 2016.


Adam Golinski

Graduated in Computational Physics from The University of Edinburgh. Meanwhile studying I spent a year abroad at University of California, Berkeley where my interest in machine learning started. I am interested in high-tech and software industries, automation (especially using cutting-edge machine learning solutions), IoT, sensor networks, big data trends and data science. Apart from that I’m a fan of plain text emails, amateur gym-goer and an avid FIFA player.


Bradley Gram-Hansen

I gained my MMath from the University of Nottingham in 2015 and had the pleasure of completing a summer research internship during my time there, within the relativistic quantum information group. I am thrilled to be joining the AIMS program and I cannot wait to explore all that it offers. My personal interests are in developing new learning processes that use information in interesting ways, whether that be in the classical sense or the non-classical sense. Although, with all that the AIMS program offers I am bound to develop many other personal interests. Outside of academia I enjoy fell running, rock climbing, all types of cycling, the Discworld series, Arduino sets and observing the interplay of electronic, natural and human systems.


Xu Ji

I'm from London. I studied Computing as an undergrad at Imperial, where I co-wrote a bare metal chess game in pure assembly, interned at Google a few times, built some machine learning into their products, and for my final year project invented a new image matching algorithm. I look forward to exploring these interconnected areas and more in the CDT. My hobbies include listening to a lot of music, animals, and taking random walks.


Shuyu Lin

I am from Beijing, China and have been studying in the UK for the last 6 years. I have gained huge interest from my undergrad and master degree of Engineering at Oxford in the areas of machine learning, networks, signal processing and robotics, and wish to gain further knowledge of them during my postgraduate study. I like technology, travel and food, and love to meet people sharing the same interests!


Andrea Patane

I am from Catania, Italy. I have received the BSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Catania, with a thesis on evolutionary algorithms for solar cell design. Pareto-oriented analysis for synthetic biology design problems was the main theme discussed in my Master thesis. I also had the chance to work on pacemaker modelling and analysis during two summer internships in the VERIWARE project. I enjoy swimming, playing the blues harp and I really like opera.


Sasha Salter

I graduated in summer 2015 with a MEng in Engineering Science at Keble College, Oxford. During my final year I investigated the use of Gaussian Processes for sequential changepoint detection in financial time series. In the past year I worked for an energy consultancy as an analyst and a location management company as a publisher specialist. I am excited to return to Oxford and pursue my passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning. My hobbies include piano, guitar, sketching, gym, running and cooking.


Edward Wagstaff

I grew up in Milton Keynes and did my undergrad in maths at Cambridge, followed by a maths and computer science masters at Oxford. I've been working in the software industry in London since 2012, but I've decided that researching autonomous systems sounds more fun than building websites so I'm very excited to be starting on AIMS.