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Cohort 2015


Adam Cobb

I completed my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Having particularly enjoyed working on the detection of exoplanets in large data sets for my final year project, I am excited to explore other areas in the field of AIMS. My hobbies include football, running, swimming and golf.


Leonard Berrada

I was born and raised in Paris, France, where I have benefitted from a multidisciplinary education: after two years of theoretical mathematics and physics at Lycée Sainte Genevieve, I have studied a broad range of engineering subjects at Ecole Centrale Paris, with an emphasis on computer science and applied mathematics. While there, I also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Fundamental Physics at University Paris-Sud. I went last year to University of California, Berkeley, for a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. After an internship at Thales Research & Technology, I am now thrilled to join the Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems program to further my passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Rowan Border

I’m from the island of Bermuda but have spent the past four years in Scotland where I attended the University of Edinburgh and studied for a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. In my final year at Edinburgh I was able to pursue my interest in robotics for the first time by working on my robot drawing dissertation project, the ‘Robot Picasso’, with the SLMC robotics group. I have been elected as the Rhodes Scholar from Bermuda for 2015 and will be attending Lincoln College. I am very excited to be starting the CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems and continuing to explore the world of robotics.


Rob Cornish

I am originally from Australia, and grew up mostly in Melbourne. I began university as a philosophy major at the University of Melbourne before transferring to study pure mathematics and electrical engineering, and then completed an Honours year in applied mathematics at Monash University with a thesis topic in computer vision. Along the way, I also gained some research experience in program analysis at the University of Melbourne, and in robotics with the CSIRO. I am particularly interested in artificial intelligence topics within a robotics context. I also enjoy cycling, hiking, and playing contemporary and classical guitar.


Maximilian Igl

I am from Germany where I have been studying Physics (MSc) and Economics (BSc) in Munich. Over the last two years I also have been quite active at the Centre for Digital Technology and Management, a University program here in Munich dedicated to entrepreneurship. There, and also during my studies of Physics, I've developed a strong interest in Machine Learning and its applications. In my free time I like to go climbing or hiking. The last time I was in England (I was at the University of Warwick for one year) I also did quite a lot of Tango Argentino.


Gregory Faraquhar

I'm German-American but have lived in the UK for over ten years now. I studied at Oxford for a Masters in Physics, but am looking forward to shifting my academic focus for the CDT in AIMS. I'm particularly interested in how humans interact with autonomous systems, and in natural language processing. In my spare time I love to play guitar!


Kevin Judd

My name is Kevin Judd, and I live between Baltimore and Washington D.C. in the U.S. with my parents, younger sister, and my dog and cat I graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Outside of class and work, I enjoy the outdoors and being active. I love running and playing sports, as well as cooking and music. I'm always excited by the opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people.


Ivan Kiskin

Originally from Ukraine, I have attended schools in London, Kiev and Germany. I then went on to study Engineering Science at Wadham College, Oxford. In my fourth year project I worked on signal processing and probabilistic machine learning techniques to aid the detection of pulsars. Outside of studies I take an interest in music and guitar. I am looking forward to further expanding and applying my knowledge at AIMS.


Kyriakos Polymenakos

From Athens, Greece, studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in the NTU of Athens. Took special interest in Power Systems, but soon was more attracted to Control Systems and Machine Intelligence. As part of the CDT in AIMS looks to take part in the research creating a new generation of intelligent systems, propelled by learning from big data and cooperation between multiple agents.


Nikitas Rontsis

I am from Greece, where I studied Electrical & Computer Engineering (5-year Diploma) at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During this period, I was an exchange student in EPFL for 2 semesters, where I also made my diploma thesis in controlling kites for energy harvesting. I am excited about modern control methodologies, including, but not limited to, data driven techniques.


Timothy Seabrook

I graduated in MEng Intelligent & Robotic Systems at Lancaster University in 2014 and co-founded a Sharing Economy limited partnership in the same year. I am interested in exploring and developing collaborative AI agents reflecting the social roles of humans, as well as pushing the bleeding edge of autonomous complex systems modelling and prediction. I am a keen entrepreneur, and hope to discover new applications for Artificial Intelligence to benefit humankind.


Jaleh Zand

I completed my MSc in mathematics at Imperial College London in 2014. Previous to that I was a structured trader, followed by a quant strategist in Fixed Income division at UBS investment bank, where I started to be fascinated and intrigued with machine learning methods. I further have a keen interest in Bayesian statistics, neural networks, and complex systems.