Summer 2016 – Sid Ghoshal (cohort 2014) joined Man AHL for a 2 month internship on extracting predictive signals from options data in equity markets.

Man AHL is a market-leading quantitative hedge fund focused on systematic trading. Through a unique collaboration with the University of Oxford, it operates a data science laboratory at Eagle House, co-located with Oxford’s Machine Learning Research Group.

Summer 2017  – Adam Cobb and Timothy Seabrook (cohort 2015) joined NASA Frontier Development Lab for a 3 month internship on 3D Shape Modelling of Asteroids & FDL Lunar Water & Volatiles.

NASA’s Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is an applied planetary science and machine learning research accelerator being run for its 2nd year, this Summer in Silicon Valley. combines machine learning experts and planetary scientists to address knowledge gaps in NASA’s Space programme.

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September 2017 – December 2017 – Ankush Gupta, in the third year of this CDT, interned at Google DeepMind in London, for 16 weeks. This was a research focussed internship, where he explored methods for exploiting intrinsic rewards for reinforcement learning problems.

The internship provided an excellent opportunity to interact and learn from leading researchers in the area.

This further imparted useful research skills like management and analysis of large scale experiments.

Summer 2018 – Ivan Kiskin (Cohort 2015) – Ivan Kiskin joined Mind Foundry Ltd for a 12 week internship on the application of Machine Learning in a commercial setting.

The internship gave Ivan the opportunity to explore the wider context of his PhD work in Machine Learning, and apply his skills to solving real-world problems. The internship was especially useful for understanding the importance of practical Machine Learning skills, which is often overlooked in an academic setting.

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