Sensor and Actuator Networks

Course dates – HT – week beginning Monday 25th February 2019 – for Year 1 students
Niki Trigoni, Andrew Markham and Alex Rogers


Recent years have witnessed the advent of wireless mobile and sensor technologies and the proliferation of application scenarios whereby large numbers of pervasive computing devices are connected to a wireless networking infrastructure. This course will cover communication, localisation and coordination protocols for sensor and actuator networks.


To identify applications and challenges of emerging networked environments

To explore communication, localisation and coordination protocols for such networks

To experiment with different types of sensors, actuators, and networks


- Introduction to applications of sensor and actuator networks, and the Internet of Things

- Overview of communication (physical, medium access control and routing) protocols

- Indoor / underground positioning systems (WiFi-based, IMU-based, magnetic-based)

- Data management and coordination protocols for fixed / mobile / delay-tolerant networks


- Embedded systems programming

- Data estimation and inference

Assessment Mode

- Based on lab exercises exploring how to test and tune algorithms on real hardware