Completed mini-projects

Below is a list of completed mini-projects.

Note: Someof the mini-projects are not yet available.  This is due to them being submitted for publication or confidentiallity as partnered with Industry Partners.


1st mini-project

2nd mini-project

  • Ada Alezizaki – Analysis and Design of Biological Systems using Finite State Abstractions
  • Yuki Asano – Deep-Image Prior for Segmentation
  • Mark Finean – Motion Planning to Smoothly Intercept Moving Objects
  • Siddhant Gangapurwala – Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Based Solution for Heterogeneous Swarm Optimization
  • Chia-Man Hung – Robot Learning for Autonomous Assembly
  • Florian Jaeckle – Rough Terrain Footstep Planning
  • Henry Kenlay – Geometric Deep Learning for Business Classification
  • Hala Lamdouar – Alignment Network for Change Detection
  • Robert McCraith – Learning to Detect Humans for Quadruped Motion Planning
  • Ben Moseley – Bayesian Optimisation for Variational Quantum Eigensolvers
  • Alasdair Paren – Learning Binary Neural Networks using Relaxations
  • Tom Pretty – Unifying Approximate Inference
  • Tim Rudner – Multi³Net: Segmenting Flooded Buildings via Fusion of Multiresolution, Multisensor, and Multitemporal Satellite Imagery
  • Lewis Smith – Adaptive Online Learning for Faster Verification of Neural Networks


1st mini-project
2nd mini-project
  • Triantafyllos Afouras – Lip Reading
  • Oliver Bent – Deploying Novel Exploration Techniques (NETs) for Malaria Policy Interventions
  • Fabian Fuchs – Addressing Drift and Overlifting in Deep Visual Odometry
  • Adam Golinski – Towards Real-time Inference for BUGS Models: BUGS to Anglican Compilation
  • Bradley Gram-Hansen – Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Inference for a First Order Probabilistic Programming Language
  • Xu Ji – DistinctiveNet: Self-supervised Objectness Losses for Detection
  • Shuyu Lin – GP-based Inference for Environmental Property Surveyinh with Noisy Locations
  • Andrea Patane – User Activity Recognition and Room-level Localisation from Smart-watch IMU Data
  • Sasha Salter – xDQN – Differentiable Planning in Deep RL
  • Ed Wagstaff – Reinfoecment Learning for Robotic Arm Control



1st mini-project
2nd mini-project


1st Mini-project
2nd Mini-project