Ankush Gupta

Ankush Gupta – Deep Learning with Synthetic, Temporal, and Adversarial Supervision

AIMS CDT is an excellent PhD program envisioned and funded by the EPSRC, the University of Oxford, and various industrial partners. The CDT brings together students who work in different but related areas, which enriches their experience and broadens their knowledge. It provides a well-structured approach essential for the successful transition of students into graduate researchers. The courses and mini-research projects in the first year help in gaining an insight into the various sub-areas, and making an informed decision about doctoral research area/advisor.  The generous financial support enables one to choose from some of the world’s best researchers at Oxford as their research advisor, without any prior commitment. Further, it provides for various expenses, like equipment and travel over the course of the program. The various seminars, outreach activities, and training sessions support in rounded development. It is a unique program which relieves the students of financial pressures and creates an ideal environment to enable valuable research. The CDT has gifted me the financial and intellectual freedom to pursue the research which I could not have done anywhere other than Oxford. Studying here also enabled me to further enhance my research skills as an intern at DeepMind London, which is also where I will work after completion. I am very grateful to the program for supporting my doctoral study.